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March 14, 2007

"Can you create a web site for me?"

So, you're a web designer or developer… No doubt upon learning this, you've had more than one friend or family member ask, "Can you create a web site for me?" Of course you could create a web site for them… but you're a busy person and would rather do something else with your free time. So how do you politely decline the job while maintaining your friendship? This used to be a difficult question—but not any longer. Now there's Weebly.

Weebly makes creating a website as simple as drag and drop. You can select from various elements such as paragraphs, images, columns, Google Maps, RSS feed widgets, etc., which you drag onto your page. Once the items are on the page you can double click on them to edit them. (And, by the way, this ain't no Frontpage. Weebly creates surprisingly standards compliant web sites.) When you're done, you can customize the appearance by applying a predefined skin and then publish your web site. You have the option of publishing to yoursubdomain.weebly.com, using your own domain name, or downloading a zip file of your web site. Weebly is easy enough that even non technical users could use it to create web sites. So the next time some one asks, "Can you build me a web site?" just send them to Weebly.

Posted at 8:48 PM in Web Development