Web Design Portfolio

I have been creating web sites since the dawn of the internet craze. What began in the mid 90's as a hobby has now become my profession. The following is a sample of some of my more recent web design and development work.

Portland Maps Advanced Search

This search tool allows you to search the City of Portland's property data according to various criteria such as address, property ID, sale date, and market value. It was an exciting project for me as I was able to integrate a variety of technologies to create a really useful and interesting web application. The search results are integrated with Google Maps and Google Earth to provide a very engaging and interactive user experience.

BYU Off-Campus Housing screenshot

This is a site that I redesigned to use BYU's standard design template. The previous site was outdated and no longer meeting the client's expectations. Along with improved usability and consistent branding with other university web sites, one of the major goals of this redesign was to enable the client to manage the content on their site. This goal was accomplished by using a combination of Macromedia Contribute and a custom web interface to a MySQL database (that I wrote).

After the redesign, the client happily reported on their results from the new site: "We believe that [the site] has increased our productivity by 50 percent and our responsiveness to our patrons by as much as 80 percent. The work that you did to get us on Contribute has been a huge help. Now we can update most of our web site within minutes instead of days. Also the redesign of the web site format has been very nicely done and has raised our professional image 20-30 percent."

BYU Skyroom screenshot

This is an e-commerce site I created for BYU's Skyroom restaurant. It is based on the osCommerce program, which I installed, configured, and customized to meet the client's needs. Part of the customization included creating a skin based on the BYU design template and creating a custom payment module. This payment module consisted of a PHP add in for the osCommerce engine (running on a Linux server) that communicated with the university's credit card processing gateway (on a Windows computer) via an ASP web service (which I also programmed). All communication between systems is securely encrypted and transmitted via SSL.

I also setup the Linux server that hosts the site including the installation and configuration of Apache, PHP, and MySQL. The resulting system has been "packaged up" to allow the easy setup and configuration of additional stores for other campus organizations, several of which are already in the works.

BYU Catering screenshot

I did a minor redesign of the BYU Catering web site. The redesign consisted of simplifying the navigation, adding the drop down menus, adding some additional content pages, and making various cosmetic changes to improve the design and make it more consistent.

Since then, the site has gone through a complete redesign so I've linked to an archived version instead of the actual site. So don't be surprised if a link or two doesn't work....

BYU CNUA screenshot

I created this site using the standard BYU design template. I created from scratch the JavaScript/CSS expanding text capability on the pages under the CNA tab, integrated the PHP iCalendar program, and implemented a system to upload Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for the Vehicle tab. The client manages the site's content with Macromedia Contribute.

BYU Concessions screenshot

I was part of a small team that redesigned this site. It is nearing completion and should go "live" soon. The redesign utilized the university's standard design template to give the site a look and feel consistent with other university pages. We also added new features including concession stand location maps, menus, and password protected content areas for employees and volunteers.

BYU Meal Plan screenshot

The purpose of this site is to allow students to sign up for prepaid cafeteria meal plans. It is a series of forms that collect the information required to complete the purchase. The forms are presented in a wizard-like fashion that requests the appropriate information based on the results of previously selected values.

I also worked on a PHP/MySQL Administration interface used to manage the submitted forms and process the payment information. Unfortunately, I can't provide a link to this system because it's password protected for security reasons.

BYU SAS Surveys screenshot

This is a sample survey I created with the use of an open source program called PHP Surveyor. This was the solution I chose to address a client's need for a web application that would allow them to create customer satisfaction and marketing surveys and easily compute the results. I installed and configured the program and integrated it with the BYU design template.

Personal Finance screenshot

I created this site with the help of a friend for BYU's Marriott School Winter 2004 eBusiness web site competition. We were awarded the first place prize! It is only a prototype with some sample content to illustrate the look and feel and functionality.

Richard Davies screenshot

Of course, I can't forget my personal web site. Content definitely isn't king on this site—it's more of an excuse to play around with Movable Type and experiment with XHTML/CSS compliant design and whatever else I feel is cool at the time.

Riley Davies screenshot

I created this page to announce the birth of my son, Riley. It was one of my first attempts to create a tableless, XHTML/CSS compliant page. I must admit that it was quite a success and I'll never turn back!

Old Personal Homepage screenshot

This is a simple web site I created as a project for a web design class I took at BYU. The site gives some brief information about me and highlights a couple of things I love about the country of Bulgaria where I lived for two years.

BYU-Idaho Library screenshot

I redesigned the BYU-Idaho Library web page when I worked for them in 1998. Since then, it has been redesigned again, but I have provided a link to an archived version. Most, but probably not all, of the links should work correctly.

Obviously, I can't claim credit for 100% of the work that's gone into creating every one of these sites, but at least a large portion (if not more) of each one is a result of my work.