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January 27, 2009

FireScope: Add HTML & CSS reference to Firebug

SitePoint has just released a Firefox add-on named FireScope. It's actually a plugin for the Firebug add-on. (Ya, I know—we've got plugins for plugins now… crazy world, isn't it?) FireScope integrates SitePoint's HTML and CSS reference web site with Firebug.

This reference material is accessible via two main interfaces:

  1. It adds a reference panel to Firebug where you can search for HTML elements/attributes and CSS properties.
  2. When right clicking on HTML/CSS elements in the DOM inspector you can get context-sensitive reference information on the selected item.

The reference information includes element descriptions, code samples, and browser compatibility information. The information is very well integrated with Firebug and the interface seems natural and intuitive.

I think SitePoint has done an excellent job on this add-on. FireScope is another must-have add-on for any web developer or designer!

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