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December 19, 2005

Holiday Pictures

Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…. I’ve uploaded our Thanksgiving pictures and pictures from Riley’s first birthday party. I even managed to include some recent family photos taken earlier this fall. You can view them by clicking the links to each category, or view them all together in my “recently added” picture page.

In case we haven’t talked to you recently, here is a short description of what we did to celebrate Riley’s birthday. We had a good time for Riley’s birthday. Sanni’s grandma and aunt from Finland were here visiting for two weeks. They spent their first week in California with Sanni’s sister, Taria, and also Hannele and Will who were there for Thanksgiving. Then they came here for the next week. Anyway, they were still here on Saturday the 10th when we celebrated Riley’s birthday. We had them, Hannele & Will, Aliisa & Paul (Sanni’s younger sister and husband), and her other aunt and cousin who live in Portland all over to our house for pie and ice cream. We watched the video of Riley right after his birth and took some pictures. And Riley loved all of the attention everyone was giving him.

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