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Catering Policies

Thank you for considering BYU CATERING to assist you with your catered event. From formal dinners to light refreshments, large events or small groups, we look forward to working with you on all your catering needs. We are pleased to inform you that BYU CATERING is a self-financing department – no tithing or tuition funds are used for our services, and all revenue is returned to Brigham Young University.

The following policies and procedures are designed to assure a successful and well-organized event. The menus included on this web site are only suggestions. We are happy to customize a menu to fit a specific need. Your event is important to us. We will do everything possible to meet your budget and create a personalized menu for your special occasions.

Our consultants can give you additional information and helpful tips in planning your event. They will arrange a meeting with our banquet chef to assist you with your catered menu if necessary.
(801) 422-5001
(801) 422-0182
Brigham Young University
Dining Services - Catering
2170 WSC
PO Box 27913
Provo, UT. 84602-7913

Room reservations are made through BYU Campus Scheduling, (801) 422-3134. Arrangements should be made as soon as possible. Physical needs such as audio/visual equipment or room design should be arranged through this office. Rooms are available in the Wilkinson Student Center and most other buildings on campus.
There is a $1 per person fee for events outside the Wilkinson Student Center.  There is an additional $55 truck fee for events outside BYU Campus.  There is a $100 room fee for use of the Skyroom Restaurant located on the 6th floor of the Wilkinson Student Center. Additional service charges may be required.

To ensure the menu of your choice please plan your events as early as possible. We recommend finalizing your menu selection 3 weeks in advance. An estimated attendance count is needed at this time. It is best to estimate on the high side to ensure that all of your patrons can be accommodated. Group size determines which venues will work for your event. Timing is also important. Larger groups generally require more time than smaller groups and more time should be allotted to allow your guests to enjoy their dining experience. Please let our dining consultants know of any program or special needs.

Your final attendance guarantee is needed three business days prior to your event. Food is prepared for the guarantee number or count given. Our minimum charge to you will be the guaranteed count given at that time. BYU CATERING reserves the right to add an additional service charge to your bill for any increases in your guaranteed count that occur after this time period.

Cancellations must be made three business days prior to your event. Any cancellations made after this time period are subject for any costs incurred.

We will confirm prices when you finalize your menu with our office. All prices quoted by our Catering Consultant in a written price quote will be honored. There is an additional charge for all functions served outside of the Wilkinson Student Center building. Outdoor Barbecues and Pizza and Picnic Lunches that are served on campus are exempt from these additional charges. Events requiring extended service hours are subject to an additional cost. All prices printed are subject to change.

Payment is due at the time of service. BYU Departments will be billed through the campus financial system. Other groups may make arrangements prior to the event if billing is needed. We accept payments made by cash, check or charge (Visa, American Express, Discover or MasterCard). We require a 50% deposit for any non-BYU affiiliated event one week prior to the event–the final count is also due at this time.

BYU does not require a gratuity, but it is appreciated. This is strictly optional for all groups using our services. All tips are paid to our student employees. The industry standard is 18%.

Campus Departments are not required to pay taxes. All other groups are subject to pay Utah state sales tax on their order. Groups with tax-exempt status must supply our office with a copy of your certificate and your tax-exempt number at the time of making your reservation.

BYU CATERING does not add the current industry standard 18% service charge. However, we reserve the right to assess additional charges to an event for services that exceed our normal expected costs. These costs may include items such as special centerpieces, extra linens, travel costs, etc.

Substitutions may be made for dietary or religious purposes. Substitution changes exceeding 10% of the guarantee number will require an additional charge. All substitution changes must be confirmed at the time of guarantee.

If multiple entree selections are desired, a $1.00 per person charge will be assessed for each additional entree selection. The patron is responsible for providing nametags or place cards that indicate entree selections. Remember, only the guarantee number of entrees will be prepared.

Food and beverage left over from an event remain the property of BYU CATERING and may not be removed from the location of service. This is due to liability and safety concern. BYU CATERING must approve all food and/or beverages brought into an event by the patron prior to the event. Charges incurred for the service of these products will be added to the billing. BYU Dining is the broker for all food and beverage served on campus.

Please contact the director’s office at (801) 378-4935 with any questions.